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BIOCON has a reputation for producing high-quality enzymes and biological products for the food and feed industries.

With more than 50 years of experience, we offer reliable solutions to drive production processes. Committed to sustainability, we innovate eco friendly enzyme solutions and offer expert advice to customers for new projects and process improvements.


It's not just about us being more sustainable; we’re providing you the oportunity to become more sustainable.

By enabling milder and more efficient processing conditions, enzymes can contribute to sustainability by reducing resource consumption and waste generation.

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Types of enzymes



Amylases break down complex carbs like starch and glycogen into simpler sugars such as glucose and maltose. They’re used in baking, dairy, meat processing, brewing to convert grain starch into fermentable sugars, and in plant based beverages.



Glucan degrading enzymes break down complex carbohydrates in grains, veggies, and fruits. They enhance food texture and nutrition in bread, beer, fruit juice, and plant based drinks. They also optimize brewing efficiency.



Convert starch into sugars like glucose for sweetening, fermentation, or enhancing texture and shelf life in beer, wine, baked goods, and confectionery.



Digest pectin, a complex plant cell wall polysaccharide, to enhance texture and quality in food like fruit juice, wine, canned fruits, and vegetables. Pectinases boost juice extraction yield and clarity.



Digest proteins into peptides and amino acids to enhance flavor, texture, and nutritional value in foods like cheese, meat, and brewing. It also improves protein digestibility, bioavailability, beer clarity, stability, foam, and flavor.



Hydrolyze sucrose, a disaccharide, into its component monosaccharides, glucose and fructose.


Blends and others

Special activities and enzymatic blends thought and developed to provide answers and solutions for the different challenges that food sectors are facing.


Enhanced nutritional value

Enzymes can break down complex macromolecules such as proteins and carbohydrates, making them more easily digestible and increasing the bioavailability of nutrients in food products.

Improved taste and texture

Enzymes can modify the structure and composition of food components, resulting in food products with improved taste, texture and appearance that are more attractive to consumers.

Life extension

Instead of using chemical preservatives, manufacturers can take advantage of natural enzymes to extend the shelf life of food products and prevent spoilage and microbial growth.

Cost reduction

Enzymes lower food production costs by reducing the time and energy needed to process food. They also help to improve the quality and consistency of products, which increases their market value.


We care about you

which is why we market Non-GMO enzymes, considering all food sensitivities.

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We focus on delivering customized and efficient solutions for each customer. We work closely with our clients and partners to understand their needs and offer them the best possible solution.


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Our collaborative process results in solutions designed to meet your exact specifications.


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Our enzymatic laboratory, your valuable resource for moving one step forward.

Animal feed

We offer a specialized range of high-quality enzymes and additives designed to improve the performance of compound feed in animal production.