Quality, Environmental and Food Safety Policy
Since 1970, BIOCON is a independent company, leader in enzyme preparation and commercialization.

“To gain the confidence of our customers, to satisfy their expectations with respect to our products and services, while working to prevent environmental pollution”

To achieve this confidence, we will focus on the following fundamental aspects:

-     Introducing and promoting the Quality and Environmental Management System on all levels of the organisation as a fundamental element, in order to assure the level of quality and environmental protection.

-     Basing the operation of the processes on the Plan-Do-Check cycle and acting to ensure continuous monitoring of effort to achieve ongoing improvement.

-     Definition of annual goals and indicators for CYGYC BIOCON, S. L. and their monitoring by those responsible for the System and the Management.

-     Correct and precise definition of the processes to be followed in all organisational units.

-     Correct definition of those responsible, their functions and the relationships between staff who perform, direct and check any job that affects the quality of the service and the environment.

-     Definition and fulfilment of all legal requirements and others applicable to our activity.

-     Ensuring correct traceability in our processes and products.

-     Ensuring that the products intended for the food and feed industry comply with the legal, quality and safety requirements established by FSSC 22.000 and GMP+ and with the specifications and requirements of our customers.

-     Ensuring food fraud control and food defence control.

-     Ensuring the company’s commitment to food safety culture.

-     Commitment to fulfil specific food requirements of the Halal and Kosher standards.

-     Analysis and risk assessment in different processes.

-     Analysis and management of deviations observed with corrective intention.

-     Eliminating, reducing, or controlling the significant environmental aspects associated with the company activities, considering the product life cycle. Performance of periodic reviews of these aspects.

-     Establishing the mechanisms for detecting the needs and satisfaction of the parties concerned, via constant communication.

With the quality (UNE-EN-ISO 9001:2015) and environment (UNE-EN-ISO 14001:2015) management system, FSSC 22.000 and GMP+ systems and Kosher & Halal certifications our aim is to achieve maximum customer satisfaction, efficiency, and greater management of the available resources, as well as assume the highest level of food and feed safety. We want to be prepared to face the changes that occur in our economic environment and turn them into opportunities.